Ecobarge Sweden AB has signed a strategic long-term partnership with leading Renewable Energy Company PT Sobatrp Solusi Terbarukan in Indonesia.

We are thrilled to announce our long-term partnership with Sobatrp. Together we will address the challenges with waste management, lack of potable water and the need for clean energy in Indonesia.

The Ecobarge mobile platform represents a sustainable and scalable technological breakthrough converting Waste to Energy and Water. Its innovative mobile and modular design allows for swift and straightforward installations on lakes, rivers, seas, and onshore locations.

Sobatrp acknowledges the Ecobarge innovative concept as an excellent solution with direct impact on the challenges. Through this collaboration, communities will have access to clean water and energy while simultaneously reducing and reusing waste. This holistic approach is poised to enhance livelihoods, improve health, and simplify daily life, fostering a safer environment.

Sobatrp has committed to establish three Ecobarge pilot installations in Indonesia during 2024. The prime function of these will be to convert Waste to Energy and Water on selected Islands. Primary waste feedstock is Municipal Solid Waste and Biomass such as plant waste and fish waste. Additionally, these pilot units will serve as hubs for research and development in collaboration with accredited institutions.

PT Sobatrp Solusi Terbarukan is an Indonesian leading energy company based in Jakarta with the vision to be the prominent leader in the renewable energy and trading sector by offering excellent and integrated services. Sobatrp provides commodities and services in the energy sector and they are committed to the acceleration of national development.

Ecobarge Sweden AB is a Swedish innovation company delivering technology solutions that reduce and converts waste to clean energy and clean water. With a mission to become a global market leader in sustainable mobile infrastructures, Ecobarge aim to provide energy and clean water by recovering waste and utilizing renewable energy sources.

For further information please contact:

Akbar Athalaldira Radja
Director, PT Sobatrp Solusi Terbarukan

Mehmet Kurt

Peter Alexandersson
+46 703 930760