I grew up in a family involved in a non-profit organization and believing that making a difference to others provide life meaning. As an international entrepreneur within energy- and heating systems for marine and offshore, also within conflicted areas, and later also within renewable energy, I learned a lot. The concept is based on connecting already proven solutions with a holistic approach focusing on the need of end users to the benefit of the planet.

In principle any you may think of. There is virtually nothing installed on land that you can not do on a ship.

It can be very small, providing the services needed for a single family. Or very big, providing for the needs of an entire city.

Our business model is focusing on combining the benefits of ship financing with Build Own Operate Transfer mode to end users who may otherwise not be able to afford the latest technologies.

Ecobarge is fully in line with the “Blue Economy” concept. We contribute to all 17 sustainable development goals. Ecobarge provide jobs, education, investments, opportunities for entrepreneurship and local ownership of means of production. This as based on the dreams and ideas within the communities who of course are the best experts on their own needs and without occupying land.

Through the combination of ship financing, export credits, the Build Own Operate Transfer mode, Ecobarge provide shorter return on actual investment than alternative investments in line with the sustainable development goals. The fact that the assets are mobile and floating also provide for less risks.

Ecobarge provide testbeds, pilot plants and scale up opportunities for new innovations as well as for proven technology and bridge the gap as turn-key supplier and operator between suppliers selling bits and pieces and end users in need of financed services. Through its business models, supplier’s payments are secured already before shipment of material and risk for intellectual property rights violated are reduced through shareholder agreements.

Not only do we ourselves act as long-term shareholders in the Ecobarges. Based on service agreements, we also provide the chief engineers responsible for education, operation and maintenance who are supported from our technical office in Istanbul 24/7.

Coastal areas throughout the world no matter if off- or on grid, within developed or less developed areas are our target market. Primarily we focus on providing emission free energy, energy storage, irrigation, water and wastewater recycling, solid waste sorting, cooling, and drying of fish, bunkering but we also add mobile connectivity, EV charging or any other functions our end users dream of.

Land can be used for better purposes. Floating infrastructures provide less risk, less costs, is more resilient to natural disasters. Its modular, mobile, and easily scalable.

We base our calculations on a minimum economical lifetime of 25 years, but an Ecobarge can last for much more than that and can be updated at any time.

There seem to be no limits for the future. Most of the planet is covered by water and most people live in coastal areas.

It’s the locals who are the experts in their own need even we also share our experiences from other projects internationally. We provide resources and co-operate with local communities and entrepreneurs performing pre-feasibility studies for reaching “proof of concept” and visualized presentations to stakeholders.

Normally a “pre-feasibility” may last for 2-3 months. Depending on functions and technologies included, another 6 months might be needed for environmental studies, verifying testing etc. Thereafter its normal with a delivery time from order to operational plant at site between 12-24 months. Often several activities can be performed in parallel for reducing time to completion.

Investors as well as technology providers compete for projects from Ecobarge. Its important to our end users that we always choose the most technically and commercially solutions for each project and competition also drive innovation.