This collaboration aims to develop a Waste-to-Energy (WtE) project using a pyrolysis system and plans to implement a pilot project in Indonesia. WtE technology is a solution to the waste problem in Indonesia and helps Ailesh provide clean solutions for a circular ecosystem. This system is modular and decentralized by the National Policy and Strategy (Jakstranas) target of reducing waste by 30% and waste handling by 70% by 2025.

The parties will explore ECOBARGE solutions based on and a long-term co-operation within the island of Java, Indonesia. Through utilizing both parties’ capacities and competences and as a first step, the parties aim to invest into- and install a mobile plant below referred to as demonstration plant, integrating a laboratory for testing plastic-, municipal-, agricultural waste, a 5 cbm pyrolysis unit including schredder for waste to energy generation in combination with one or more solutions for meeting the need of end users output typically potable water, fuel or electricity. The aim is also to initially enter co-operation with local waste sorting station for access to waste and cement factory as off-taker for pyrocarbon. Income is expected from testing of waste from clients, education and sales of output. Until demonstration plants in place, testing’s will take place at Ecobarge test plant in Europe.